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on May 17, 2014 in product featured, Products |

iPhone ECU App for MAPECU3

iMAPCAL is an iPhone ECU App for MAPECU3.  The iMAPCAL iPhone™, iPod Touch™ and iPad™ App is dashboard software that connects with a MAPECU3 wirelessly using our optional WiFi module (MAP-ECU3-WiFi).  We are very excited to be the first piggy-back ECU in the market with a WiFi interface and iPhone™ ECU App which allows you to monitor your vehicle’s vital parameters through a customizable dashboard.

Clip your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad in a mount on your dashboard and monitor boost, RPM, AFR and other vital functions.  Also, log all the MAPECU3 functions using the App’s data logging function for review right on your device.  If you prefer, you can email the log file to your computer running MAPCAL3 and import the iMAPCAL log right into MAPCAL3.  Review the log on your laptop and make changes to your MAPECU3 tune.  Data logging your MAPECU3 has never been so easy and unobtrusive!


iMAPCAL iPhone ECU App for MAPECU3 has the following features:

  • Custom size and position of RPM, Boost, TPS and AFR gauges
  • Displays for Ignition Timing, IAT, Fuel Output, MAF Input
  • Three (3) selectable gauges “Themes”
  • Selectable Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Selectable PSI, kPa or Bar pressure scales
  • All popular Widebands supported as with MAPCAL3
  • Real-time data logging
  • Email datalog files for analysis using MAPCAL3
  • Landscape (horizontal) and Portrait (vertical) display
  • *NEW* – Data logging review mode

Horizontal – Red Theme


Horizontal – Green Theme


Vertical Dashboard


Configuration Menu


Configure the Gauge Theme


Fire Theme


Configure IAT Settings


Boost Gauge Setting


Select a Wideband


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