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on May 17, 2014 in product featured, Products |

MAPCAL – MAPECU Tuning Software

MAPCAL is our Microsoft™ Windows™ software used to tune MAPECU real-time.

There are three (3) versions of MAPCAL for MAPECU:

  • MAPCAL V2.1 – The original MAPCAL for early firmware.  Does not support zone based TPS/MAP Enrichment.
  • MAPCAL v2.2 – Supports the majority of MAPECU’s with zone based TPS/MAP enrichment.
  • MAPCAL V2.3 – The current release which is similar to V2.2 but with a dashboard similar to MAPCAL2.  Recommended.

MAPCAL has the following features:

  • Real-time tuning and configuration
  • Real-time dashboard featuring all critical engine information
  • 2D and 3D tuning of fuel
  • Logs all vital data for review
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7

Download MAPCAL here.

The MAPECU has two main functions.  Firstly it allows you to remove the stock (and sometimes very restrictive) Air Flow
DSCN0229Meter (Flap, Hot Wire and the tricky Karmen Vortex frequency types) and convert your existing ECU to MAP load sensing (up to +30 PSI).  Secondly, and just as importantly, it allows you to completely re-map fuel delivery with a 486 point table.  This allows the stock ECU to handle injector and other upgrades with ease.  The MAPECU is configured and tuned Real-Time using a custom developed PC application.  Substantial power gains have been realised without sacrificing the driveability the stock ECU provides.


  • More power due to improved breathing and through tuning of Air/Fuel ratios.
  • The ability to cope with performance upgrades such as larger injectors while retaining the stock ECU.
  • High-resolution 486 point table allows fine tuning of performance and driveability.
  • Real-Time tuning using a PC based Windows™ application supplied with the unit.
  • A built-in manifold pressure sensor capable of reading up to +30 PSI.
  • Retains the driveability of the stock ECU usually sacrificed with a full after market ECU upgrade.
  • Simple piggy-back installation, no major re-wiring

The MAPECU has been superseded by MAPECU3.


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