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on May 17, 2014 in product featured, Products |

MAPECU2 Tuning Softwaredashboard_knock-150x150[1]

MAPCAL2 is the Microsoft™ Windows™ software used to tune MAPECU2 real-time.  MAPCAL2 is available in three (3) major releases:

  • MAPCAL2 V3.2 – The last release for all MAPECU2′s which added advanced Nitrous activation, Launch Control and fast re-connect.
  • MAPCAL2 V3.1 – A major upgrade for all MAPECU2′s to add MAF Intercept modes, additional Nitrous and FCD functions, AFR Adjust and Knock detection.
  • MAPCAL2 V3.0 – The original MAPCAL2 for early MAPECU2′s.  Does not support MAF Intercept modes.

MAPCAL2 has the following features:

  • Real-time tuning and configuration
  • Real-time dashboard featuring all critical engine information
  • 2D and 3D tuning of fuel, ignition timing, O2/AFR Adjust and Additional Injectors
  • Access Primary and Secondary tables
  • Logs all vital data for review
  • Saves tuned MAPECU2 tables
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7

Download MAPCAL2 here.

MAPECU2 is a major functional upgrade over the MAPECU.

Our MAPECU’s replace voltage and frequency based air flow meters with Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) based load sensing (Speed Density).  Voltage types include the spring door ‘flap’ types and hot wire types used by numerous manufacturers. Frequency based units are commonly known as Karman Vortex Frequency air flow meter as used by Mitsubishi™ or DSM vehicles and some other manufacturers.

The MAPECU2 combines the functionality of other manufacturers Air Flow Converters and Vane to Pressure Converters into the one unit, plus more.  Click here to find base tables for popular vehicles, or if you have the skills you can build your own using learn mode.  MAPECU2 tables are programmed using a 2D Table Mode or the 3D Graph Mode.  Both views allow real-time editing of the MAPECU2 Fuel, Timing, Auxiliary Injector and O2 Adjust configuration.

MAPECU2 combines the functionality of MAPECU with full Timing control, OEM Air/Fuel Ratio Adjust, Auxiliary Injector control and Electronic Boost Control.  It also has many on-board functions that usually require the purchase of secondary piggyback controllers.

For tuning, MAPECU2 is connected to an Industry Standard PC running Microsoft(tm) Windows2000™, WindowsXP™ or Windows7™ via a serial port or USB to serial adaptor, sold separately.  Configuration and monitoring is accomplished using our proprietary graphical user interface, MAPCAL2.  The graphical user interface allows real-time configuration and monitoring of the MAPECU2, even while running the vehicle on a Dyno, etc.

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