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MAPECU Testimonials

MAPECU Testimonials

on May 18, 2014 in results & testimonials, results & testimonials featured |

MAPECU Testimonials

Please find below a selection of MAPECU testimonitals we have received about MAP-ECU from our dealers and customers.


“The adjustability of the unit is incredible and I got the tuning to work in real time so that was nice.  This is by far the best piggyback unit I have ever used and it was very user friendly, even a 42 year old idiot can tune it! :-)  Thanks for everything and I will be recommending this unit highly and exclusively to anyone of my customers or anyone in general that asks.” – Sean Todd, U.S.A.

“We’ve been using MAPECU products for more than 8 years now with great success. With the release of the MAPECU3, we were excited to hear about many of the new features and we’ve had a chance to put them to use. The USB connectivity has been flawless and makes the entire tuning process go more quickly. We also take advantage of the on the fly map switching, boost control, and flexible ignition timing control to compensate for variable fuel composition such as meth injection, E85, and race gas. The added features such as lean protection and WiFi connectivity are just icing on the cake. We have found the MAPECU3 to be the most flexible piggyback on the market and the support behind the product is second to none. We haven’t had a hardware failure, ever!” -FSR Motorsport Creations

“How to make a E36 318i into a M3 beater.”  Add a big ass turbo (Holset PRO35RS turbo), build an engine to take the boost – 1mm oversize bores using Mitsi EVO pistons 4-7 JE forged H beam 135mm rods, ACL race bearings, Stock crank, Block decked 1mm, Stock head gasket – yes stock, Comp 8.5:1, Cap screw head bolts torque to 70 ft/lb, Stock cams, Stock head, Custom intake manifold 8″ runners 4.5ltr plenum, Stock oil pump, heavily modded oil system, M50b20 throttle body, 2.5″ cooler piping, 400x120x100 cooler, 38mm tial waste gate, 2.5″ exhaust 1 x muffler 2 x resonators, 13psi – killed the 535 clutch, made yet to fit ORC double diaphragm clutch 3800lb, 220 Getrag box, Stock ECU, MAPECU3 piggy back, Single coil conversion why? Cause I can!” Steve Murch, Auckland NZ.

“We are very impressed with how simple it is to wire in, and it’s ease of tuning.  We created our own map from scratch in the beginning and have just been refining it over the last week.  It hasn’t been to the dyno yet but will be soon.” Dean Ilsley, MBM, VIC, Australia.

“I have just installed a MAPECU2 in a 1996 Legnum VR4 TT.  After hacing installed and tuned a large number of aftermarket ECU’s such as Link/Autronic/Motec, I am pleased with the results from MAPECU2.”  Mason Lockyer, Geartech Automotive, NZ.

“The MAPECU is the best mod I have done to my FTO.  All your exhausts, filters, de-cats, all of it added together didn’t give me anything like as much of a gain as I got from the MAPECU.” Ree, 1994 Mitsubishi FTO GR, Hatfield, UK.

“Recently a friend and fellow automotive tuner (Dustin Permenter) purchase your ECU.  I helped install and tune the MAPECU and I was absolutely blown away by the ease of installation and tune ability.  We tuned his BMW in no time.” Luke Sztobryn, USA.

“Just wanted to tell you guys that I am still very happy with the MAPECU.  It doesn’t get any better for a piggy-back fuel controller!”  Trevor James, USA.

“A very affordable and flexible fuel calibrator coupled with EXCELLENT customer service equal a very satisfied BMW owner.”  Dustin Permenter, Pennsylvania, USA.  1994 325e with a M20B25 motor swap.

“The tests with the 944 NA and 944 Supercharged are spectacular.  Works wonderfully.  Better throttle response, able to tweak fuel delivery using the TPS enrichment function to see what the difference we can make under sudden acceleration and quick gear changes.  On of the test cars is a Street/Road Course Car.”  West Standbury, Hausbrauen, USA.

“Have installed MAPECU into my 300ZX Twin Turbo which was straight forward following instructions supplied.  Set up basic table and had the car dyno tuned, was surprised with the mid-range increase using twin intakes and not the single AFM.  What a great feature the AUTO LEARN is in setting up and thanks for the help.  240KW @ 6000 RPM.  Go kiwi’s.  Cheers DAV, Masterton NZ.

“I must say that I am very impressed with your system, from the ease of use to the low cost, everything about it is amazing.  I only wish I bought it sooner instead of using a rising rate fuel pressure regulator and wasting a bunch of my time.  With the MAPECU I have been about to just place a cone filter directly in front of the turbo and the turbo spools much faster, more boost at lower RPMs and best of all I can hear the turbo even more now.”  Elliot Meer, CA, USA.  Turbo BMW 535i.

“MAPECU2 is a winner on BMW M30 engine! (E34 535iS).  Installed MAPECU2 and tuned engine, noted positive manifold pressure with AFM.  Wow, M30 engine strengths enhanced and coarseness eliminated.  Throttle response sharper and massive mid-range punch with no let up until 6200 redline.  The best thing is the relentless pull through the gears once the bulk is moving, I run out of redline in 3rd like is nothing.”  Boris, Auckland, NZ. 1989 BMW E34 535iS.

“We picked up 25% more torque between 3000 and 4500 RPM!”  Ben Hartley, EuroSpec2000, UK.

“We fitted MAPECU2 on a Mitsubishi Galant VR4, at only 0.8 Bar boost we picked up 70BHP and over 100Ftlbs torque.  The MAPECU2 is quicker to fit and easier to tune that Emanage and is more flexible.”  Ben Hartley, EuroSpec2000, UK.

“Just wanted to let you know that we have been very satisfied with the service and quality of this product and can honestly say that from years of dealing with you guys!  Hope that you can continue with the good work on products and service and can say I love being a dealer for you guys!  Thanks again for everything you have done.”  Joe Lamb, Powerhouse Racing, TX, USA.

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