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on May 17, 2014 in product featured, Products |

MAPECU3 Piggyback ECU

The MAPECU3 piggyback ECU supersedes the MAPECU2 and is a major functional upgrade over the MAPECU.MAP3-angled-150x150

Our MAPECU’s piggyback ECU’s replace voltage and frequency based air flow meters with Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) based load sensing (Speed Density).  Voltage types include the spring door ‘flap’ types and hot wire types used by numerous manufacturers. Frequency based units are commonly known as Karman Vortex Frequency air flow meter as used by Mitsubishi™ or DSM vehicles and some other manufacturers.

The MAPECU3 piggyback ECU combines the functionality of other manufacturers Air Flow Converters and Vane to Pressure Converters into the one unit, plus more.  Click here to find base tables for popular vehicles, or if you have the skills you can build your own using learn mode.  MAPECU3 tables are programmed using a 2D Table Mode or the 3D Graph Mode.  Both views allow real-time editing of the MAPECU3 Fuel, Timing, Auxiliary Injector and O2 Adjust configuration.

MAPECU3 combines the functionality of MAPECU with full Timing control, OEM Air/Fuel Ratio Adjust, Auxiliary Injector control and Electronic Boost Control.  It also has many on-board functions that usually require the purchase of secondary piggyback controllers.

For tuning, MAPECU3 is connected to an Industry Standard PC running Microsoft(tm) Windows2000™, WindowsXP™ or Windows7™ via USB.  The USB port also powers the unit for out of vehicle configuration.  Configuration and monitoring is accomplished using our proprietary graphical user interface, MAPCAL3.  The graphical user interface allows real-time configuration and monitoring of the MAPECU3, even while running the vehicle on a Dyno, etc.  An optional WiFi module is now available to monitor your MAPECU3 from an iPhone™, iPod Touch™ or iPad™ using our App iMAPCAL.



  • “Performance with Economy” – More horsepower and torque by removal of the restrictive factory air meter and control over timing.
  • Fuel Saving.
  • Simple piggy-back installation only requires 7 wires to operate with no major re-wiring of OEM components.
  • Ideal for NA to forced induction conversions.
  • The ability to use the stock ECM to control larger fuel injectors and/or performance upgrades.
  • Alter OEM Air/Fuel ratios, even in Closed-Loop mode, for improved gas mileage and power.
  • Retains the daily driveability of the stock ECM which is usually sacrificed with a full aftermarket engine management upgrade.
  • Real-time tuning using Windows™ based MAPCAL3 software supplied with the unit.
  • High-resolution 494 point Fuel table (0-10,000 RPM and -10 to +42 PSI) allows fine tuning for performance and driveability.
  • Ability to run different fuels or performance levels using two (2) completely independent Fuel, Timing, O2 Adjust, Auxiliary Injector and Boost Control tables switchable on-the-fly.
  • Built-in display and logging of key engine parameters such as RPM, Throttle Position, Boost Pressure, Airflow, Timing Adjust, Auxiliary Injector Duty, Boost Control Duty.
  • On-board support for display and logging of popular aftermarket wideband Lambda sensors/controllers.
  • On-board programmable NOS window activation switch can also be used to turn on other accessories at set RPM/PSI points.
  • Faster and stronger boost with the on-board programmable Electronic Boost Control (EBC) using solenoid control of the wastegate.
  • Fast and repeatable launches using the on-board programmable Launch Control with Speed input and Ignition Retard.
  • Removal of factory Fuel and Speed Cuts using the on-board programmable Fuel Cut Defeat and Speed Cut Defeat.
  • Compensate for wheel size or gearing changes with the on-board programmable Speed Adjust.
  • Drive a Shift Light or alter VTEC™ point with the on-board programmable RPM Switch.
  • Single unit can be used for Naturally Aspirated or forced induction applications with user selectable pressure scale configuration.
  • Simple upgrade from MAP-ECU using the same 16-Way harness and ability to import and convert V2.1 and V2.2 Fuel tables.


  • Flex Fuel feature with realtime Ethanol content and temperature tuning.
  • USB Interface which also powers the MAPECU3 for out of vehicle configuration.
  • Optional WiFi interface for wireless connection to our iPhone App, iMAPCAL.
  • Built-in +42 PSI MAP Sensor.
  • Launch Control with Anti-lag and ignition retard.
  • Exhaust Gas and Coolant Temperature logging.
  • Advanced IAT, Barometric Pressure and cold start compensation.
  • Fully configurable Inputs and Outputs, including TPS and O2 inputs.
  • Advanced Launch Control with Speed Input and Timing Retard.
  • Advanced NOS™ activation with RPM, Throttle, Boost and Speed parameters.
  • Real-time multi-zone tuning.
  • Sixteen (16) operational modes including: MAF Elimination, MAF Intercept, TPS load, and more.
  • Full Timing advance and retard control of up to eight (8) channels for Distributor, Group Fire or Coil On Plug configurations using a 20 x 19 (380 zone) table.
  • Auxiliary Injector control using a 20 x 19 (380 zone) table.
  • OEM O2 & AFR Sensor Adjust 26 x 19 (494 zone) table allowing control over Air/Fuel ratios, even in Closed-loop mode.
  • 10,000 RPM scale, configurable in 100 RPM steps.
  • Two (2) complete sets of Fuel, Timing, Auxiliary Injector, O2 Adjust and EBC tables selectable using a dashboard mounted switch.
  • Electronic Boost Control with 1000 RPM target boost points.  External and Internal Wastegate support including Fast Spool mode for Internal Wastegates.
  • 2 x Fuel Cut Defeat (FCD) with over boost safety release.
  • Combined Speed Cut Defeat (SCD) and Speed Adjust.
  • Lean Boost Retard safety function
  • External MAP Sensor option
  • User selectable pressure scales


Kit Contents

The MAPECU3 kit includes:

  • 1 metre (3ft) 16-Way harness
  • 1 metre (3ft) 18-Way Timing Harness
  • Windows™ MAPCAL3 CDROM software
  • 2 metre (6ft) USB cable
  • Inlet Air Temp (IAT) sensor and 2 metre harness
  • 1 metre (3ft) length of vacuum line for the MAP sensor
  • Quickstart guide
  • Manual in PDF format



The MAPECU3 works on most late model fuel injected vehicles that use common types of air metering systems (Hotwire, Flap, and Karman-Vortex).  Click here for a full vehicle application list.  It can be installed on any 1-10 cylinder engine in less than an hour, and completely replaces the restrictive factory air meter. ‘No special fitting kits or special adaptors are required.  See the latest wiring diagrams under Downloads.  Some applications include: Alfa, Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Dahatsu, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Infinity, Lancia, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Porsche, Subaru, Toyota, Volvo, etc.


Fitting the Vacuum Hose

We have had some feedback that people have had trouble finding a vacuum line that fits the internal MAP sensor. Please see the attached photo for the recommended way to secure a vacuum line to the MAP sensor. Essentially you cut a thin slice of the same vacuum line and stretch it over the main vaccum line to act as a ring clamp. The slice of vaccum line should be narrower than the gap between the sensor body and the widest diameter of the barb. We have pressure tested this to +45psi with a 1/8″ ID vacuum line.Vacuum-Line-150x150

This method of securing a vacuum line is recommended for all under bonnet vacuum lines as it is much better than cable ties, wire clips, etc., as it provides a uniform seal. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

If you want to remove the vacuum line, please remove the MAP-ECU3 from the case and hold the MAP sensor while pulling off the vacuum line. This method of securing the vacuum line is very strong and you could pull the sensor off the PCB or break the nipple if you do not hold the sensor body. Better still, cut the thin piece of vacuum line that secures the main line to ensure you do not damage the sensor.

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