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Why Choose MAPECU?


Performance with Economy

More Horsepower, more Torque


MAPECU3 is our 3rd generation piggy back ECU that not only allows you to tune fuel, ignition timing, etc., but it also adds performance and safety features to the OEM ECU that “chipping” or “reflashing” cannot add. For example, Flex Fuel, speed controlled launch control, nitrous activation, electronic boost control, lean boost retard, etc.

One of the unique things MAPECU does is allow you to remove the OEM airflow meter, e.g. MAF, and convert to MAP for freer breathing. Essentially MAPECU3 sits between reflashing and a full standalone ECU. With OEM manufacturers tightening security measures restricting reflashing through the OBD2 port, MAPECU is an ideal way to tune your vehicle for optimum performance without resorting to modifying the OEM ECU. If you need to put your vehicle back to it’s stock configuration you can with no tell-tail reflashed program in the OEM ECU. Some of MAPECU3’s features include:

  • NEW Flex Fuel feature for realtime Ethanol content and temperature tuning
  • Optional WiFi interface for wireless connection to our iPhone App (iMAPCAL)
  • First piggyback ECU in the market with an iPhone App (iMAPCAL) which allows you to monitor your vehicle’s vital functional through a customizable dashboard (search the Appstore for iMAPCAL)
  • MAPECU piggyback ECU’s provide the best balance of everyday drivability, additional features and tuning exactly matched to your vehicle.
  • Works with the latest direct injection, OBDII, CAN and variable valve timing OEM ECU’s
  • Full Ignition Timing Advance and Retard
  • Electronic Boost Control (EBC)
  • Fuel Cut Defeats (FCD) with safety release function
  • Built-in 42PSI MAP sensor
  • Advanced Launch Control with Anti-lag, Speed and Ignition Retard
  • Advanced Nitrous Activation (Boost, TPS, RPM and Speed)
  • Lean Boost Retard protection feature
  • Boost Cut safety feature
  • Exhaust Gas and Coolant Temperature logging
  • Advanced IAT, Barometric Pressure and cold start compensation
  • USB interface that powers the unit for configuration outside the vehicle
  • Has been used in a wide range of vehicles from imports to European and domestic
  • Suited to forced induction conversions with the ability to control closed loop air-fuel-ratio’s (AFR’s)
  • A high quality extruded aluminium case for maximum durability


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